YouTube Consulting

If you're on this page, that means that you're thinking about taking your channel to the next level. You can book Consulting Time with me here.

Before you book, please read this

Please please try to make a few videos (5-10 with consistent posting) before paying for help with your YouTube channel. I think that while the idea of paying for help is appealing, many people need to really dip their foot in the water. Without being able to push yourself to make content, it's really easy to waste money trying to learn about problems that you're not even having yet.

It's like buying the fanciest car before even knowing how to drive! I don't want someone to pay for my time when the best advice I could give them is to start making more videos! All of the fancy stats don't matter unless you're doing that anyway. For any new YouTubers who find this discouraging, there are so many free resources that I'd be happy to point you towards (including my newsletter of course!) that will help when you're just getting started. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Discord and I'd be happy to chat about content when I have the time.

The paid consulting is for much more personal and focused advice and analysis to take someone to the next level.

If you're already on the grind and want to level up, click the link below!

YouTube Consultation - 1 Hour - Sonicrida - YouTube Strategist
A 1 hour YouTube consultation call with me to go over your YouTube channel to figure out how to get better performing videos that best align with your goals as a creative!